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Learn Basic to Advance English spoken course with industrial expert
Special Features:-
  • Regular online /offline classes Available Well compiled and Compact Module(notes) would be Provided .
  • Qualified and industrial experienced Faculty
  • New Ugc Pattern Course in Semester wise.
  • classes held in two shift wise !0 A.M.To 2 P.M and 2 P.M To 6 P.M
  • Courses are approved by Ugc Recognised State Private University or Govt. University from Delhi NCR
  • College Bag+ study Material+ Note Book Free
  • No need any Pre qualification.
  • Students can apply after completing 10+2 or 10th from any recognized board.
  • Regular exams will be taken with practical works
About Basic to advance english spoken course

Basic Spoken English refers to the foundational level of English language proficiency needed for everyday communication. It includes essential vocabulary, grammar structures, and conversational skills necessary to interact in various situations such as greetings, introductions, asking for directions, shopping, ordering food, and more.

Here are some key aspects of Basic Spoken English:
  • Vocabulary: Basic spoken English covers a range of common words and phrases used in daily communication. This includes words for numbers, colors, family members, common objects, and everyday activities..
  • Grammar:While not delving into complex grammatical rules, basic spoken English focuses on fundamental grammar structures such as simple present and past tenses, basic sentence formation, and common sentence patterns.
  • Pronunciation:Basic spoken English emphasizes clear pronunciation of words and phrases to ensure effective communication. This involves understanding sounds, stress patterns, and intonation.
  • Listening Skills: Developing basic listening skills is crucial for understanding spoken English. Learners need to practice listening to various accents, speeds, and levels of formality.
  • Speaking Skills: Basic spoken English encourages learners to engage in simple conversations, express opinions, ask questions, and give basic information about themselves and their surroundings.
  • Common Expressions: Learners are taught common expressions and phrases used in everyday situations such as greetings, making requests, expressing gratitude, and apologizing.
  • Cultural Context: Learners are taught common expressions and phrases used in everyday situations such as greetings, making requests, expressing gratitude, and apologizing.
Fee Structure:-
  • Total Course Fee:9000(nine thousands)
  • Monthly:1500x6(Installment)
Complete Syllabus of basic spoken english
GRAMMER SYLLABUS Vocabulary and Topical Syllabus
Present Simple • Pronouns • Articles • Prepositions of place and time • Conjunctions / linkers: and / but / because / or • Irregular plurals • Possessive Adjectives • Too/ very • Can (ability / possibility) • Short form answers • Going to (future plans) • will (offers) • Adverbs of Frequency • Imperatives • Past Simple • Present Continuous • Comparatives • Superlatives • Irregular Adverbs Numbers (cardinal / ordinal) and money • Countries, nationalities and languages • Times • Days, dates, months, years and seasons • Shops and places • Interests, sports and activities • Jobs • Rooms and furniture • Colours • Size and weight • Body parts and appearance • Food, meals, cooking • Weather • Transport • Health • Feelings and emotions • Street directions • Clothes
Functional Syllabus (A) Functional Syllabus (B)
Greeting and Introducing • Buying and asking prices • Asking about personal information • Describing people and objects • Telling the time • Talking about routines • Talking about frequency and time duration • Talking about likes and dislikes Giving opinions • Talking about past experiences • Inviting/ refusing/ accepting/ thanking • Requesting/ offering • Asking permission • Giving instructions • Making suggestions • Talking about future arrangements • Applying for a job
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